Heliotrope--French Heritage Women Create

Heliotrope French Heritage Women Create

Heliotrope--French Heritage Women Create has gone live and is now available for purchase!

I hope you enjoy the volume as much as I do as well as others who have assisted me in this process!
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Heliotrope: French Heritage Women Create

The Franco-American Women’s Institute, FAWI, celebrating its 20th Anniversary. The Franco-American Women’s Institute promotes the contributions of the French heritage women’s lives—past, present and future through its online presence and publishing their creativity. For FAWI’s 20th Anniversary, an anthology, Heliotrope—French Heritage Women Create, of written works and visual arts was published to mark the present, active, creative lives of the women of the French heritage culture. This anthology presents a snapshot of the French heritage women’s lives as they exist in the present. This anthology incorporates the lives of the women who make up this cultural heritage—in print and it offers to the present and future generations a vivid compilation of voices and visuals to express modern-day, French heritage women and their creative works. The anthology builds bridges of insight and understanding for all who read and view the works. Annie Proulx is featured as well as many other women of French heritage.

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